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We don't sell domains, rather we offer custom emails and short URLs

on premium names at a FRACTION of the cost!

Boost Conversions

It's not a coincidence that the top brands use a short custom name

Personalized emails and Custom/Short URLs have distinct advantages

  • Easy to type in
  • Less prone to error
  • Have higher brand recall
  • Increase perceived value
  • Great for campaigns

Forwards to all your existing emails or destination pages

Emails can be forwarded to your existing email address, while custom URLs can be forwarded to your landing page or app. 

True multi-channel reach

Customers of today's world switch between various channels & devices. Be it an email or a URL, we make it easier for customers to reach you

See what people are saying

We just couldn't have scaled to thousands of customers in a matter of weeks without this. Our brand recall skyrocketed with their services

New York

The simplicity with which this works, helped us reach more customers. Also our customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed” 

Tamil Nadu

Scale marketing with ease

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