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The Story

Jupiter.in® was launched with a simple objective - enabling availability of personalized emails and short URLs on premium and short names to enable discoverability

We believe that a name defines the value of a company. A company which uses a difficult  name, does not inspire confidence. 

At the same time we are aware that most of the good names were registered long ago, and are expensive. In the pursuit for harmonization,  jupiter.in®  was born.

Jupiter.in® serves those not looking to purchase premium names, but open to  using them for a fraction of the cost involved.

Personalized Emails

Do you still use an unbranded email such as abcxyz1990@email.ext ? If you are using such an email for professional purpose, it is time to take a step back and evaluate. 

Besides looking unprofessional, a long email is also prone to errors while typing, leading to loss of sensitive information if sent to a wrong a email address.

Resolve this by getting customized email forwarding

Custom URLs

Is your website address something similar to this www.reallylongdifficultotypein.extension ? – Did you see how many characters are getting repeated in the address as well as the typos/missed characters above – “Really Long Difficult to Type in”. This is the same problem many of your customers face.

While search engines usually show your site in the search results, a small but significant percentage of your customers still type the website address in the browser. Getting found in the search results is dependent on SEO and ranking, besides spending large amounts on these additional services. While asking your customers to type in such a long address, is essentially harmful for your business.

Moreover, you do not need to spend a huge amount for these services. You can simply get customized short-url links for your business, which will redirect a customer to your official site. Take your business to the next level by using our services

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Jupiter.in® is an offering from DiscoverBharat, a boutique firm managing portfolios of multiple clients for development and monetization.

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